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About us

"So then you are no longer strangers and aliens but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household… In whom you are also being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit"

 Ephesians 2:19-22

On any given Sunday in a red house in Beaver falls you will find a small huddle of people worshiping God and sharing a meal together. We are called Beaver Valley Christian Fellowship. We are committed to Jesus and one another. We have been doing this for a long time. We pray a lot, sing a lot and share what the spirit of Jesus is saying to us. We love the bible and speak and teach from it as it brings into focus  the nearness of God. We know each other, and we love one another and share our lives and sorrows with one another. During our worship we remember how the Lord Jesus shared his last meal with his disciples pointing to the bread as a symbol of his own body which would be broken for them and us. He pointed to the wine at that meal as a symbol of his own blood which would be spilled so we could be forgiven.


Our Story

"Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace."

Ephesians 4:3

Beaver Valley Christian Fellowship had its beginning in the home of David and Darlene McComas. The 1970s saw a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit. It was called the Charismatic movement. This had a great impact on many churches. Change is usually disruptive and it can be hard on the status quo.  In 1980 out of a hunger ͞to know the Lord͟ David, Darlene and another couple began meeting on Tuesday evenings. The Bible Study grew in numbers over the next several years and some began to suggest they meet on Sunday mornings also. David and Darlene were prayerful about this issue. The Lord spoke several things to them about their calling and purpose.

In 1982 they began worshiping on Sunday morning in their home with several others. The numbers of those attending continued to grow steadily. The group incorporated in 1984 officially taking the name of Beaver Valley Christian Fellowship.
They continued meeting at the McComas’ home until 1987. The group continued being a ͞house͟ church for the next three years. They met in several houses during this time including the homes of Tom and Sue Wagner, Bob and Nancy Grieco and George and Joan Klein.

In July of 1990-1994 the Fellowship rented two rooms at the Old West Park School in West Mayfield. When it became time to find a bigger home, someone asked the asked the question where would Jesus go? We  looked at each other and knew the answer. He would go to  downtown Beaver Falls. Shortly after we found out about the Widmer Engineering Building in downtown Beaver Falls. It was a  red house on a corner with a big inviting white front porch. It also had a big addition in the back that could sit more then a 100 people.  The Fellowship moved into the Red House in March of 1994. We believe that the closest thing to church life is family and a family lives in a home. This was our new home.


The thing about it is that this was much more than just a building. In fact it had a long history of its own. Back in the 1800s Beaver falls was a small community. In the middle of town there was a building that was used as a school, church and community Center which was called the red brick schoolhouse. It was here that the roots of Geneva college began. The first Reform Presbyterian Church started meeting there. In 1875 a man named Rev. Robert John George was called to be the first pastor. He built a house on the corner of eighth Avenue ninth Street.  That is where we are meeting now! 

About 10 years ago we made a conscious decision to open the building up to groups that were doing the work of helping others find their way. As a result there are meetings of various sorts every day of the week.

We believe that the closest thing to church life is family life. We are the family of God. We are “…being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit” It is the family living in a house that turns it into a home. If you take away the house what is left? The family still whole  ready to make someplace a home. We recognize that we are a family whose real home is reserved for us in heaven.

Oversight and service Teams
Paul Cooper
Tom May
Bob Grieco

Teaching and administration

Administration and music ministry

Teaching Ministry

Bruce Ambrose

Meeting coordinator and administration

Tom Wright

Teaching ministry

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